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Compliance Calendar for the month of July, 2023 Simplifying Export Procedures: Tax-Free Supplies for International Trade



New Delhi, the 27th August, 2020

S.O. 2904(E).—In the notification of the Government of India, Ministry of Finance, Department of Revenue, Central Board of Direct Taxes, number S.O. 2757(E), dated 13th August, 2020 published in Gazette of India, Extraordinary, Part II, Section 3, Sub-section (ii), in the Schedule, namely,-

  • the entries at column number (2) and (3) of Sl. No. 2076 to 2105 (2076-2105), shall be replaced with the following entries:-
2076Principal Commissioner of Income-tax (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-9,KOLKATA
2077Income-tax Officer (HQ), O/o Principal Commissioner of Income-taxKOLKATA
 (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-9, Kolkata 
2078Additional /Joint Commissioner of Income-tax (ReAC) (AssessmentKOLKATA
 Unit)-9(1), Kolkata 
2079Deputy /Assistant Commissioner of Income-tax (ReAC) (AssessmentKOLKATA
 Unit)-9(1)(1), Kolkata 
2080Income-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-9(1)(2), KolkataKOLKATA
2081Income-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-9(1)(3), KolkataKOLKATA
2082Income-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-9(1)(4), KolkataKOLKATA
2083Income-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-9(1)(5), KolkataKOLKATA
2084Income-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-9(1)(6), KolkataKOLKATA
2085Additional /Joint Commissioner of Income-tax (ReAC) (AssessmentKOLKATA
 Unit)-9(2), Kolkata 
2086Deputy /Assistant Commissioner of Income-tax (ReAC) (AssessmentKOLKATA
 Unit)- 9(2)(1), Kolkata 
2087Income-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-9(2)(2), KolkataKOLKATA
2088Income-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-9(2)(3), KolkataKOLKATA
2089Income-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-9(2)(4), KolkataKOLKATA
2090Income-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-9(2)(5), KolkataKOLKATA
 2091Income-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)- 9(2)(6), KolkataKOLKATA 
 2092Additional /Joint Commissioner of Income-tax (ReAC) (AssessmentKOLKATA 
  Unit)-9(3), Kolkata  
 2093Deputy /Assistant Commissioner of Income-tax (ReAC) (AssessmentKOLKATA 
  Unit)- 9(3)(1), Kolkata  
 2094Income-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-9(3)(2), KolkataKOLKATA 
 2095Income-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-9(3)(3), KolkataKOLKATA 
 2096Income-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-9(3)(4), KolkataKOLKATA 
 2097Income-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-9(3)(5), KolkataKOLKATA 
 2098Income-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-9(3)(6), KolkataKOLKATA 
 2099Additional /Joint Commissioner of Income-tax (ReAC) (AssessmentKOLKATA 
  Unit)-9(4), Kolkata  
 2100Deputy /Assistant Commissioner of Income-tax (ReAC) (AssessmentKOLKATA 
  Unit)-9(4)(1), Kolkata  
 2101Income-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-9(4)(2), KolkataKOLKATA 
 2102Income-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-9(4)(3), KolkataKOLKATA 
 2103Income-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-9(4)(4), KolkataKOLKATA 
 2104Income-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-9(4)(5), KolkataKOLKATA 
 2105Income-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-9(4)(6), KolkataKOLKATA 
  • the entries
  • at Sl. No. 3316 and 3317 (3316-3317), in Column (2) & (3) the word ―Shimla‖ shall be read as the word ―Ludhiana‖.
  • at Sl. No. 3521 and 3522 (3521-3522), in Column (2) & (3) ―Panchkula‖ shall be read as the word ―Shimla‖.
  • Sl. No. 3468 to 3497 (3468-3497) shall be deleted and the following entries shall be inserted below Sl. No. 3522 :-
3522aPrincipal Commissioner of Income-tax (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-1,Shimla
3522bIncome-tax Officer (HQ), O/o Principal Commissioner of Income-taxShimla
 (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-1, Shimla 
3522cAdditional /Joint Commissioner of Income-tax (ReAC) (AssessmentShimla
 Unit)-1(1), Shimla 
3522dDeputy /Assistant Commissioner of Income-tax (ReAC) (AssessmentShimla
 Unit)-1(1)(1), Shimla 
3522eIncome-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-1(1)(2), ShimlaShimla
3522fIncome-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-1(1)(3), ShimlaShimla
3522gIncome-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-1(1)(4), ShimlaShimla
 [भाग II—खण्ड  3(ii)]भारत का राजपत्र :  साधारण11 
 3522hIncome-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-1(1)(5), ShimlaShimla 
 3522iIncome-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-1(1)(6), ShimlaShimla 
 3522jAdditional /Joint Commissioner of Income-tax (ReAC) (AssessmentShimla 
  Unit)-1(2), Shimla   
 3522kDeputy /Assistant Commissioner of Income-tax (ReAC) (AssessmentShimla 
  Unit)- 1(2)(1), Shimla   
 3522lIncome-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-1(2)(2), ShimlaShimla 
 3522mIncome-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-1(2)(3), ShimlaShimla 
 3522nIncome-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-1(2)(4), ShimlaShimla 
 3522oIncome-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-1(2)(5), ShimlaShimla 
 3522pIncome-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)- 1(2)(6), ShimlaShimla 
 3522qAdditional /Joint Commissioner of Income-tax (ReAC) (AssessmentShimla 
  Unit)-1(3), Shimla   
 3522rDeputy /Assistant Commissioner of Income-tax (ReAC) (AssessmentShimla 
  Unit)- 1(3)(1), Shimla   
 3522sIncome-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-1(3)(2), ShimlaShimla 
 3522tIncome-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-1(3)(3), ShimlaShimla 
 3522uIncome-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-1(3)(4), ShimlaShimla 
 3522vIncome-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-1(3)(5), ShimlaShimla 
 3522wIncome-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-1(3)(6), ShimlaShimla 
 3522xAdditional /Joint Commissioner of Income-tax (ReAC) (AssessmentShimla 
  Unit)-1(4), Shimla   
 3522yDeputy /Assistant Commissioner of Income-tax (ReAC) (AssessmentShimla 
  Unit)-1(4)(1), Shimla   
 3522zIncome-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-1(4)(2), ShimlaShimla 
 3522aaIncome-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-1(4)(3), ShimlaShimla 
 3522abIncome-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-1(4)(4), ShimlaShimla 
 3522acIncome-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-1(4)(5), ShimlaShimla 
 3522adIncome-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-1(4)(6), ShimlaShimla 
  • the entries at Sl. No. 3793 to 3822 (3793-3822), shall be deleted,
  • below Sl. No. 4017, the following table having column No. (1), (2) & (3) shall be inserted and placed under the administrative control of CCIT (ReAC), Bareilly –
4017aPrincipal Commissioner of Income-tax (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-Haldwani
 1, Haldwani 
4017bIncome-tax Officer (HQ), O/o Principal Commissioner of Income-Haldwani
 tax (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-1, Haldwani 
4017cAdditional /Joint Commissioner of Income-tax (ReAC)Haldwani
 (Assessment Unit)-1(1), Haldwani 
 4017dDeputy /Assistant Commissioner of Income-tax (ReAC)Haldwani 
  (Assessment Unit)-1(1)(1), Haldwani  
 4017eIncome-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-1(1)(2), HaldwaniHaldwani 
 4017fIncome-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-1(1)(3), HaldwaniHaldwani 
 4017gIncome-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-1(1)(4), HaldwaniHaldwani 
 4017hIncome-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-1(1)(5), HaldwaniHaldwani 
 4017iIncome-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-1(1)(6), HaldwaniHaldwani 
 4017jAdditional /Joint Commissioner of Income-tax (ReAC)Haldwani 
  (Assessment Unit)-1(2), Haldwani  
 4017kDeputy /Assistant Commissioner of Income-tax (ReAC)Haldwani 
  (Assessment Unit)- 1(2)(1), Haldwani  
 4017lIncome-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-1(2)(2), HaldwaniHaldwani 
 4017mIncome-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-1(2)(3), HaldwaniHaldwani 
 4017nIncome-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-1(2)(4), HaldwaniHaldwani 
 4017oIncome-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-1(2)(5), HaldwaniHaldwani 
 4017pIncome-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)- 1(2)(6), HaldwaniHaldwani 
 4017qAdditional /Joint Commissioner of Income-tax (ReAC)Haldwani 
  (Assessment Unit)-1(3), Haldwani  
 4017rDeputy /Assistant Commissioner of Income-tax (ReAC)Haldwani 
  (Assessment Unit)- 1(3)(1), Haldwani  
 4017sIncome-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-1(3)(2), HaldwaniHaldwani 
 4017tIncome-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-1(3)(3), HaldwaniHaldwani 
 4017uIncome-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-1(3)(4), HaldwaniHaldwani 
 4017vIncome-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-1(3)(5), HaldwaniHaldwani 
 4017wIncome-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-1(3)(6), HaldwaniHaldwani 
 4017xAdditional /Joint Commissioner of Income-tax (ReAC)Haldwani 
  (Assessment Unit)-1(4), Haldwani  
 4017yDeputy /Assistant Commissioner of Income-tax (ReAC)Haldwani 
  (Assessment Unit)-1(4)(1), Haldwani  
 4017zIncome-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-1(4)(2), HaldwaniHaldwani 
 4017aaIncome-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-1(4)(3), HaldwaniHaldwani 
 4017abIncome-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-1(4)(4), HaldwaniHaldwani 
 4017acIncome-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-1(4)(5), HaldwaniHaldwani 
 4017adIncome-tax Officer (ReAC) (Assessment Unit)-1(4)(6), HaldwaniHaldwani 

[Notification No. 70/2020/F. No. 187/3/2020 (ITA.-I)]


Note : The principal notification number 65/2020 was published in the Gazette of India, Extraordinary Part II, Section 3, Sub-section (ii) vide number S.O. 2757(E).

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